3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Online Group Classes

Have you ever struggled through an online group workout, huffing and puffing, and gyrating, and lifting? When they were on their right leg, you were on your left.

Do you wonder how they can look so damn happy while doing their third round of excruciating weighted jump squats? And then the dreaded Burpee…

I have watched hundreds of online group classes as the young spry participants churned out burpees to varying degrees of treacherous form. I empathized with “the modifier” who is the adult equivalent of the person picked last for every sport in grade school. Her form, by the way, typically is impeccable because she is being smart, slow, and careful.

If you have ever found yourself watching a workout video instead of doing the workout video, or quit any way into the video because you —  j u s t   c o u l d   n o t —  really you just couldn’t do the workout, or instead pushed your way through a program because you’re not a quitter but now you’re on the injured reserve list? I’m here to tell you to stop. Just stop.

Online group workouts are great for:

Intermediate to advanced worker outers
People who enjoy banging their heads against a wall

On the other hand, Online group workouts are NOT great for:

People with injuries
People who don’t enjoy getting injured or reminded that they were the last person picked for grade school sports.

If you’ve never done a minute of burpees or have never been taught how to protect your shoulders or back doing a burpee, an online group class is not the place to learn.

Why, you may ask? It’s a pretty straight forward move. Jumping, lunging, pushuping (that’s a word now), and standing. “I can do all of those things” you think. And, I’m sure you can if completed individually and at a proper tempo for YOU.

I have trained hundreds if not thousands of people in group and individual settings. I have said “turn to the right” or “lift your arm over your head” only to see people turn left and lift a knee.

What I’m trying to say is, we may not be able to assess our own abilities as well as we think!

When you are a beginner or coming back from an injury or are simply aging (hello!), having someone watch YOUR form is critical.

Some of us, however, should never do a burpee again (and not just because they are challenging) but because any move can be dangerous if you have muscular or bone issues, or merely bad form.

Personal training one-on-one is safer and will give you the knowledge and practice you need to complete online group workouts with good form, at the proper pace, and without getting injured.

I’ve got my eye on you – does your video??

Elyssa Hartman
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